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It's my goal to be as genuinely engaged in the growth of my students as I possibly can, and to treat them with the respect they deserve every single day. For example, many of the students we work with in these organisations come from social and economic backgrounds that make them unique but sometimes ostracised by their peers.

By growing my awareness of stories like those of these students, I feel more prepared to ensure that my future students from these backgrounds are recognised and appreciated for the diversity they embody. Once all of that settles in my mind, it's a tremendous weight on my shoulders.

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But it also means that studying through the tough courses and advanced tests will all be worth it. My dream is to be a firm mentor to my students because not every teenager has a good home background. I want my class to be the escape for that student.

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Just for a few hours, he or she will get to have a break from their home and find refuge in school, and I believe that will have a long-term effect to keep him or her in school. I remember throughout my high school career, I want to be like Coach Morgan — he was funny, practical, and nice. As a current senior in high school, I am very excited about my future. At university, I plan to study Primary Education. Children are our future and I hope to make a positive difference in their lives. As I look back on my primary and high school experiences, I have been fortunate to have been taught by some very strong and effective individuals.

These very teachers have helped me to discover that I too, would like to be a teacher someday.

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  • I have been blessed by people who love what they do and are very motivating and encouraging toward their students. I hope to be a teacher someday who will be just as effective as my past teachers have been with me. They made a difference in my life and in my future and one day, I hope to give the same to my students.

    As long as this fire to teach burns within me, I will go after my goals and I will achieve them. I'll be a successful university student and someday a successful teacher. I look forward to my university education and to my future and what lies ahead. I see him walk into the gym. We make eye contact. His arms open and he smiles as big as he can. He makes his way up the challenging steps on the bleachers to get to me. He hugs me harder than anyone else. He doesn't judge how I look or what I am wearing. He is truly happy to see me for who I am.

    He has down syndrome, his name is Kellan. My dream is to make a difference in the life of a child. I dream of helping a student do something that no one thought they could do. I plan to do this by treating this children like they are my own.

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    I want to celebrate every little success with them. I look forward to helping them develop and my hopes for them will go way beyond my classroom. Kellan has touched my life forever. I see the passion and excitement in his eyes every time he overcomes something that would have once set him back. Kellan has helped me realise that I dream of making my classroom a place where stepping stones can happen to help these children lead fulfilling lives.


    Future leaders. For my students.

    ESL children. Want to give. Giving back. Good morning. Listen to them.

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    Life coach. The motivator. Special needs.

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    • Taking risks.
    • Future leaders In a world where differences are frowned upon, I want to be the difference. For my students The dream of success motivates me to study. Want to give Dreams can be subjective. Giving back Motivation is whatever a person needs to persevere through tough situations. Listen to them The reason I dream of becoming an educator is so that I can positively impact the lives of my students. The motivator As a current senior in high school, I am very excited about my future. Special needs I see him walk into the gym.

      Insight blog. Employers often can't tell, and may not even care, whether you got your MBA by The essay competition has now closed and the winner has been notified. Announcement to come Want to know the reasons why people choose online classes? Here are the thoughts of Most online courses are run alongside campus classes. Students can choose to attend campus or A big advantage of taking free online course is that you don't have to pay The way distance learning works depends on the type of course you're doing. The three This implies the necessity of addressing in teaching the specificities of each group and their needs—most importantly in fighting the inequities of today's societies, continuously produced and reproduced by the grant educational systems.

      In this sense, when we decide to address the specificities of our class in our teaching, all we have is a general idea that can point us into a direction we would like to follow. However, "we can change our attunement or through reflection become aware of what we are doing, but the next time we have to deal with the same problem, we typically abandon ourselves to our habitus" p.

      Thus, ROTH proposes strategies to work with other teachers, one learning with another: coteaching and cogenerative dialoguing. Coteaching refers to a sharing of educational action.

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      It means a real presence of two or more educators, each taking full responsibility for the management of a class or of any other educational action. It requires that participants be willing to learn from their partners, to move among their different conditions that can vary among a central position in the action, a proportional division of labor to handle the class and a position more proper to the contemplation of the facts in process.

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      ROTH suggests:. The experiences that are salient for one or the other teacher can subsequently become the topic of their professional conversations, which themselves lead to a further understanding of teaching and learning. That is, out of their shared experience of working side by side, being in the same classroom and being with each other, teachers develop an understanding of praxis that becomes the bases for their subsequent efforts of articulating what had happened.

      Coteaching is complemented in cogenerative dialoguing. The chance to understand events increases with dialogue about the experience. Here is a proposal of a continuous movement: the practice supplies elements for the reflection and this means when actions are presented again it allows a different observation of the same facts in chronological time dimension. Each teacher in coteaching is at the same time actor and spectator.

      In cogenerative dialoguing, one acquires of the other a vision different from the events, increasing their possibilities to act. Once the wider objectives of education are defined, there is always a coherent positioning relative to the transformation of reality. A critical positioning that faces the real social struggles defines a horizon to be pursued by teachers. That positioning helps teachers to make more coherent decisions based on their faith, desires, feelings, and reflections. ROTH's concept of the Spielraum that teachers develop is then deeply grounded in teachers' own life histories.

      At the same time, reality challenges teachers at every moment. It is only possible to promote an education connected to the struggles for a more just society when we understand that students comprehend in terms of the reality in which they are immersed.