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Garage coming from the underground in the UK from independent producers, and Hip Hop being the new sound of black America which spawned from the traditional sounds of Old Africa. The appreciation for your ancestral origins is seen in Shutdown by use of Jamaican slang also known as Jamaican Patois, which also has been re-appropriated by young Londoners into common usage.

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Cultural Appropriation is where the privileged and those in power take a style or social movement for themselves and in doing so depoliticize it and remove it from context. This is very common in the fashion world as well as the music industry. Skepta makes reference to the importance of not wrongly appropriating culture, not with the depoliticizing of Hip Hop but the depoliticizing of Rastafarianism. Which when not culturally appropriating the styles which you like, Skepta implies ideas of cultural oppression when people judge him by his race, clothing, age, and gender to some extent.

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David Yi conducted an investigation of such titled Black armor in which he shows examples where black American men were dressing more formal to deflect negative attention and how in casual wear especially all black clothing people judged them and saw them as a threat.

Miller also discusses how this lineage continues with contemporary celebrities such as Sean Combs and Andre and how these limiting identity markers are proposed onto those of a different race to make them more culturally accepted. Skepta in nearly all of his songs discusses issues that are important and relate to himself. Matters such as binary opposites, cultural appropriation, ideology from those in power, dandyism, and fighting all those things with direct reference to figures such as Rosa Parks and Selassie.

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Rutherford ed. Hall, S Modernity and its futures. The question of cultural identity Oxford: University Press.

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Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Racism, sexism, impoverishment, and discrimination in a variety of services serve to deny poor women of color the opportunities in education, occupations, income, and health services that are afforded other groups in this country.

This paper shows that the fight for civil rights is also one for preventive and quality, accessible and comprehensive care for those who suffer most: poor women of color, and that until this nation is purged of these egregious and reprehensible forces, the goal of a true democracy will continue to elude us. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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