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Book: Management. Topics: Essay. A direction information system MIS provides information that is needed to pull off organisations expeditiously and efficaciously. Management information systems are non merely computing machine systems — these systems encompass three primary constituents: engineering. Management information systems are distinguishable from other information systems in that they are designed to be used to analyse and ease strategic and operational activities in the organisation.

Management Information System Essay

Most concern schools or colleges of concern disposal within universities have an MIS section. A system that gives the people incharge of a company the information that they need to take determinations is called direction information system. We can besides state that a system that automate the information life rhythm. Information life rhythm consist of ; 1. Early concern computing machines were used for simple operations such as tracking stock list. Bettering quality consumes extra corporate resources that are needed to keep productiveness. Such conformity pays no attending to incorrect specifications or disused criterions that are prevailed in most companies.

Such measurement focal points on the grade of non-conformance in position of client satisfaction.

The Management Information System Management Essay

Such review consumes much of the corporate resources. Information is purely based on quantitative data, also decisions carried out tend to be recurring and as a result, the decision making process becomes routine and structured. A structured decision is one that is predictable and can be made following a well defined set of procedures such as inventory control; clerks will check inventory levels and reorder previously set amounts for items that have fallen below the reorder point. Executing an operational level decision gives results that have a high degree of certainty.

Consequently, decisions have an immediate but short-term effect on the organization.

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Tactical management This is the middle level management. The decisions are meant to implement the goals that the strategic management has set. Routines are thus encountered at such a level. Information required to make such decisions is derived from a more restricted range of sources most of which is internal and is relevant to both the short and the intermediate term but relatively summarized Schermerhorn Strategic decisions are highly complex and unstructured. Decisions made here have a long-term impact on the firm and it is difficult to reverse the impact of a strategic decision.

The decisions are directed towards such issues as; strategic planning, allocation of scarce resource as well as policy formulation. Information to make such decisions is derived from internal and external sources and is highly summarized.

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It may be prepared on demand basis and both quantitative and qualitative entailing; Transaction Processing Systems TPS Management Information Systems MIS Decision Support Systems DSS Expert Systems ES Transaction Processing Systems It refers to a computerized system that performs and records the daily transactions necessary to conduct the businesses; sales order entry, reservation, payroll, shipping, employee record keeping, production scheduling. It is to help management to spot trends and to gauge all activities in order to control them. An organization is able to gain much owing to such systems being past and present oriented with a bit of analytical capability but internally derived.

A lot has been gained while utilizing them, largely due to their relevance to the middle level management.

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One is thus advantaged to access quick reports generated by such systems and ideal while producing periodic reports needed on a regular basis. Generated reports Periodic Reports are produced at pre-determined intervals; this can be on monthly or annually basis but can also produce payroll reports, income statements and balance sheets, monthly sales analyses weekly production schedules.

Exception reports are still generated and show the ordinary data or when an event occurs that deviates from the normal limits. On demand reports could as well be demanded by the relevant managers implying that these systems are of vital importance to any prospective organization. A lot is realized from their application not forgetting to mention summary reports produced while trying to check on how an organization may be fairing at any one given time.

Decision support systems 8. Organizations are able to come up with a good decision without necessarily having to engage in it practically. Executive Information Systems These are information systems that provide selected and summarized information to executive staff. They provided information on certain critical areas in an organization. Several features are provided in these systems; fast, they are understandable owing to the well illustrated presentations with summaries but can as well manipulation it to allow executives to analyze and compare it while undertaking trend analysis Kumar The graphics are user friendly presentation with template provisions which allow executives to present the same type of data whenever they are required thus allow them to drill information from a high level to a lower level.

Such systems are used for exception reporting for instance, a manager may have been alerted that a given department is not well of in its budget.

Then the manager will drill down by 9. He may first seek a breakdown of the departmental budget and the actual expenditure into the materials, labor and overheads.


He would assess the expenditure in details in various overheads like; rent, telephone, and insurance, just to name a few. This way the executive can explore the system at will and get better assistance in planning and controlling. The main questions answered include; the exact state of the organization but can as well be used to identify competitors. A number of advantages are derived from them, such as the incorporation of the principle of exception reporting hence it reduces the amount of data to produced by executives and give customer tailored information Shim Expert Systems It is an information system that performs tasks at the level of a human expert.

They are created on the basis of knowledge collected on specific topics from human experts. They are also blessed with a number of components geared at assisting the management such as; a database, inference engine as well as an interface through which an operator can access the system through. Reference Gunasekaran, A.

Management Information Systems

Handbook on business information systems. Singapore: World Scientific. Open Document. Give three examples in which raw data also serves as useful information. All those raw date in retail also can be information, because we can just use these information without processing. Give three business examples not mentioned in the text of data that must be processed to provide useful information.

If a businessman want to open a clothing store in China, then he need to process the date into useful information such as what is the trend color in China, what is the trend style in China, and what is the trend fabric materials in China. Give three examples of subsystems not operating in the context of IT. Why are these considered subsystems and not systems? A system usually includes many subsystems. Subsystems contribute the sub-goal to meet the main goal of a system.

For example, in a restaurant have two waiters, one chef, one cashier and one manager. The two waiters are responsible of helping customers, chef is responsible of cooking the food, cashier is responsible for check out, and the manager is in charge of organizing the team at store. All these roles are considered subsystems of a large system which is the restaurant business. TPSs do not analyze date nor create any information. A TPS merely records transactions and channels them into files and database.

However, A DSS can help make decisions, it provides useful information gleaned and process from war date. DSS is a thing make raw date process into information. What is a problem?

Give an example of a business problem and discuss how a computer based information system could solve it. And manager needs to figure out why this is happening, and he need to adjust it to make it balance. The manager can use retail management system to see each store book inventory and physical inventory, and to make transfer in order to balance the book inventory and physical inventory. What is synergy? How is synergy accomplished when a person uses a computer? Explain the connection between synergy and increased productivity.

Human can think, then computer can calculate and perform programmed logical operations extremely rapidly; human have common sense, computer can store and retrieve date and information extremely rapidly; human can make decision, computer can performs complex logical and arithmetical functions accurately; human can instruct the computer what to do, computer execute long, tedious operations. Human can learn new methods and techniques, computer can performs routine tasks less expensively than humans; human can accumulate expertise, and compute are adaptable.