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Diagnosing BD does invoke mood-stabilizing medications as the foundation of treatment, which underscores the importance of differentiating BD from ADHD, major depressive disorder, and cases in which chronic irritability in the absence of hypomanic or manic episodes is salient. Adjunctive psychosocial interventions are also important and are increasingly supported by empirical data.

Biomarker validation is urgently needed. At present, differential diagnosis is challenging and requires rigorous and often time-consuming interviews that remain at least to some degree constrained by the subjective nature of current assessment strategies. Prevention, of BD or of accumulation of psychiatric and medical comorbidities, is a lofty but worthwhile challenge.

Given the deleterious effect of BD on psychological and emotional development, even delaying onset or progression of BD and its comorbidities would be a great success.

Controversies concerning the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder in children

Correspondence: Benjamin I. Published Online: January 2, Financial Disclosure: Dr Goldstein reports that he has received investigator-initiated research support from Pfizer and speakers' honoraria from Purdue Pharma. All Rights Reserved. Download PDF Comment. View Large Download. Table 1. Table 2. Differential Diagnosis of Manic Symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder - Clinical Presentation

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Current research in child and adolescent bipolar disorder.

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A New Understanding of Risk for Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar: What to Look For

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1. Bipolar Disorder in Children

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